Drug Addiction

Fear, Panic, Hysteria, And The Media: Reflection On The Real Dangers Amidst Us!

It is shocking and reprehensible how the reaction to the Ebola issue is fear, panic, and hysteria, all fueled by irresponsible, reckless media of all kinds and opportunistic politicians!

Yes, Ebola is something to be concerned about, and knowledge and education is essential, but not the crazy reaction of media, and the demagoguery being promoted by politicians, who do not know or appreciate medicine and science, but are too ready to make Ebola a political issue, and promote, in the process, their own careers by scaring people, and undermining cooperation to resolve this matter in an organized, sensible manner.

IF we really want to overcome dangers, threats, and concerns about what we face, consider the following:

Ebola, as terrible as it is, has killed about 5,000 people, mostly in West Africa, and only one person in America. Even if that death toll rises, it is NOT going to reach the total of about 50,000 annually dying from Flu and Pneumonia in America, and even with that reality, many Americans do not get annual Flu shots or Pneumonia shots as a precaution, because of unfounded fears that any shots or vaccinations, even for children, is dangerous!

Auto accidents cause the death of 40,000 per year on the average, but what do we do about texting while driving; drinking while driving; reckless speeders; and those on illegal drugs who drive and often are high?

Gun deaths average at least about 11,000 per year, but we cannot get any gun legislation through Congress, due to the National Rifle Association.

Smoking, alcoholism, and drug addiction causes hundreds of thousands of deaths per year combined, but no panic and hysteria about that.

Child abuse and assaults on women cause innumerable deaths per year, but no sense of trying to do something about it has occurred, just shaking heads and rolling eyes!

When there was limited media, we had real epidemics of Typhoid Fever, Tuberculosis, Flu, Leprosy, and other diseases, yet no panic on the scale we see now.

We have the continued problem of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and AIDS has caused more deaths than Ebola ever will, without all that much concern by most people, who just figured that since a majority of people who have this disease have been gay or lesbian, at least in America, why worry about “them”, but also there are many heterosexual victims as well, and no great attention paid to it by most Americans.

The point being made is that it is the reckless news media and the political opportunists who are trying to blame Ebola on Barack Obama, and make it seem as if he wants this epidemic to occur in America, and they have a stupid, ignorant portion of the American people who accept every allegation and sensationalistic statement as total truth, when they are bald faced lies!

Rush Limbaugh’s Advice To Mitt Romney: Best Ignored By Romney!

Rush Limbaugh, himself a college dropout and a drug addict, has given Mitt Romney, the GOP Presidential nominee, some advice.

Limbaugh says that Romney should criticize Obama for smoking marijuana in high school, and for being “lazy” and not doing as well as he could in college and law school!

Can you imagine that? Criticize Obama for being a “kid” who was sometimes “dumb” in his behavior as an adolescent and a college student, as if no one else is that way!

Meanwhile, Obama managed to graduate Columbia University and head the Law Review at Harvard Law School!

Meanwhile, Rush was too “lazy” to stick out college, and instead engaged in using pill drugs that have made him an addict, who should have been prosecuted and imprisoned for gaining illegal prescription drugs through one of his maids in his home!

Mitt Romney, if he has any brains, will totally ignore Limbaugh, as if he does, then his own bullying of that high school kid, and cutting off his hair by force, will be open season!

And Rush dropped out of college at Southeast Missouri State University, where he flunked every subject, according to his own mother!

So who is he to talk, or give advice to Mitt Romney?

The man is despicable, hateful, prejudiced, and quite frankly, an embarrassment to himself, who should be taken off the radio, and entered in a drug addiction program, that keeps him imprisoned for mental incapacity, until he acts like a decent human being!

Potential “First Man” Marcus Bachmann: His Controversial View On Gay Americans!

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota is scary enough on her own, based on her past statements and actions, but now we have to deal with potential “First Man” Marcus Bachmann as well, and that is literally terrifying!

Not only is Marcus Bachmann accepting federal funds for his counseling center which works with gays trying to make them “ungay” through Christian “intervention”, but also he had gained funds to help people with drug addiction, chemical dependency, and mental illness diagnoses! A total of at least $137,000 in Medicaid payments has been paid to Bachmann’s counseling center!

Meanwhile, Marcus Bachmann has stated that gay people are “barbarians” who need to be disciplined and educated to understand that just because one has feelings and thoughts does not mean that they have to follow through on such feelings and thoughts.

Marcus Bachmann is trying to say that being gay is simply a choice, when there is much evidence that it is inborn, innate, and that denial of one’s sexuality can cause depression and suicide.

The thought that such an individual could become the “First Man”, rather than Bill Clinton would have been if Hillary Clinton had won the Presidency in 2008, is another reason to oppose Michele Bachmann as a divisive figure who would cause further division in this country, at a time when we have too much division as it is!

Florida Governor Rick Scott: The “King” Vs. The Legislature And The People!

Today marks the beginning of the Florida legislative session, with more than a two thirds majority of Republicans in both houses, but a new Republican Governor who fought the establishment and won the Governorship, and has acted as if he is a monarch, since he became Governor nine weeks ago!

Despite his involvement in Medicare scams in the 1990s, for which he should have gone to federal prison instead of paying heavy fines, Scott utilized $73 million of his own fortune to win the Governorship by the smallest margin in Florida history, about 50,000 votes. He was the only Governor candidate nationally, and actually the only wealthy person to win public office mostly based on his personal fortune, other than Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson. Like Ron Johnson, he ran as the anti establishment candidate of the Tea Party Movement, and he has already shown evidence that he does not wish to cooperate with his own party leadership, and to act stubborn and inflexible, and ignore the news media as much as he can.

Scott has enraged many, including his own Republican Party, by canceling the bullet train project from Orlando to Tampa, turning down $2.4 billion, which now will go elsewhere, while Florida lags on planning future transportation needs in central Florida.

Scott has refused to allow a prescription data base to keep track of pill mills, which have become endemic in South Florida, and with Florida leading the nation with drug addicts based on illegal pill prescriptions, on the basis of privacy rights, even though 42 other states have such databases. This is insane, with the reality that there are more pill mills in Broward County, Florida, alone than there are McDonalds or Starbucks in that county, with its main center being Fort Lauderdale.

Scott sold two state jet airplanes without legislative permission, and that will lead to increased costs for future Governors when they need to purchase a plane, as Scott is using his own private plane, and not thinking of future costs.

Scott unveiled his two year budget plan before a Tea Party crowd, rather than before Republican colleagues or the mainstream news media. He is calling for more than $3 billion in cuts in education and health care, while drastically decreasing corporate income taxes and property taxes by $1.7 billion, and cutting state regulation of utilities and insurance companies. College tuitions would skyrocket, and Scott has rejected taking federal funds to start implementation of the Obama Health Care Plan, and is fighting in court to repeal it.

Scott also wants to end teacher tenure, force major pension contributions by state workers, cut unemployment benefits and Medicaid, privatize state prisons, and end collective bargaining as is being attempted in Wisconsin and Ohio, and already exists in Indiana.

Scott is a nightmare even to his own party, and although they are very conservative, many of them are upset at his haughty, arrogant, dictatorial approach, as if there is no legislature or courts, and that somehow he expects that everything he wants to do will be done because KING RICK wants it so!

There is, as reported earlier, a move to pass a recall law, and some even wonder if Scott could someday face impeachment if he refuses to recognize the role of compromise, even within his own party in the legislature, let alone considering the opposition.

Florida seems to be on the road to total disaster, with the state, already in the bottom ten in education and other social services, about to face a political, social and economic crisis that will put it front and center, even ahead of Wisconsin and Ohio and other states with “bully” Governors!