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Rush Limbaugh’s Advice To Mitt Romney: Best Ignored By Romney!

Rush Limbaugh, himself a college dropout and a drug addict, has given Mitt Romney, the GOP Presidential nominee, some advice.

Limbaugh says that Romney should criticize Obama for smoking marijuana in high school, and for being “lazy” and not doing as well as he could in college and law school!

Can you imagine that? Criticize Obama for being a “kid” who was sometimes “dumb” in his behavior as an adolescent and a college student, as if no one else is that way!

Meanwhile, Obama managed to graduate Columbia University and head the Law Review at Harvard Law School!

Meanwhile, Rush was too “lazy” to stick out college, and instead engaged in using pill drugs that have made him an addict, who should have been prosecuted and imprisoned for gaining illegal prescription drugs through one of his maids in his home!

Mitt Romney, if he has any brains, will totally ignore Limbaugh, as if he does, then his own bullying of that high school kid, and cutting off his hair by force, will be open season!

And Rush dropped out of college at Southeast Missouri State University, where he flunked every subject, according to his own mother!

So who is he to talk, or give advice to Mitt Romney?

The man is despicable, hateful, prejudiced, and quite frankly, an embarrassment to himself, who should be taken off the radio, and entered in a drug addiction program, that keeps him imprisoned for mental incapacity, until he acts like a decent human being!