Costa Rica

Back From Costa Rica Vacation, And Republican Party Continues To Self-Destruct!

Having just returned from a Costa Rica vacation, I return to a nation embroiled in turmoil by the conviction of Donald Trump, and the Republican Party, with few exceptions, continuing to self destruct its history and legacy.

Costa Rica is a successful democracy, with people that are very happy, and committed to an environmental legacy, opportunity for all, and with a very high life longevity, a model nation which lowers blood pressure by its primary commitment to education and health care for all, and has no standing army, and the most successful long lasting democracy in Latin America.

America, on the other hand, is moving toward its 250th anniversary as a nation, divided by greed, corruption, and many evil leaders who only care about their own aggrandizement, and promotion of the undermining of American democracy and the rule of law.

America is in its greatest crisis since the Civil War in the 1860s, and no certainty of its survival as a beacon for the world!

The United States Has Become A “Flawed Democracy”!

Americans want to believe that their nation is a paragon of “democracy”, but by estimates of many experts who watch how governments change in their level of democracy, the United States has become a “flawed democracy”.

The Economist Intelligence Unit, the research division of the publication THE ECONOMIST, has rated the nations of the world as “Full Democracies”, “Flawed Democracies”, “Hybrid Regimes”, and “Authoritarian Regimes”.

The United States is in the “Flawed Democracies” category as Number 25, second on the “Flawed Democracies” list behind France, which also has fallen out of the “Full Democracies” listing!

23 Nations are “Full Democracies”, led by Norway, Iceland, Sweden, New Zealand and Canada. Finland, Denmark, Ireland, Australia and The Netherlands are the next five, with the latter two actually tied for 9th!

Other major nations in the “Full Democracies” list include, among others, Taiwan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Chile, Costa Rica, Japan, Spain, and South Korea.

Inspiring is the fact that Taiwan, Chile, and South Korea have become democracies in recent decades, but sadly so many more nations have moved away from democracy, and the fact that the US and France are put at the top of “Flawed Democracies” is troubling! And Israel and Italy are 5 and 6 as “Flawed Democracies”. And Mexico is way down, near the bottom of 52 nations that are “Flawed Democracies”.

“Hybrid Regimes” are the next 35 nations, and “Authoritarian Regimes” were 57 in number, with the total of nations on the list being 167.

Costa Rica A Model For The World On The CoronaVirus Pandemic, And Shames America’s Response

The small nation of Costa Rica in Central America stands out as the most advanced nation in the region in so many ways, and arguably, is the most democratic and stable nation in all of Latin America.

Costa Rica has managed to be a democracy while surrounded by nations that have had regular dictatorship periods, and it has been very advanced in promotion of the environment, and many social reforms.

It is a more literate and advanced economy than much of the whole world, and has had no standing army since 1948, and yet has kept its sovereignty through so much turmoil in the Central American region.

The education and health care level of Costa Rica is very high, and extremely impressive. Many foreigners come to Costa Rica as “medical tourists” as the medical facilities and personnel are highly rated.

And now, Costa Rica has done very well in the CoronaVirus Pandemic response, with only 801 cases and 7 deaths, an amazing record.

Its citizens have been more responsible in obeying curfews and staying home, and it puts Americans who are anti science and boycotting the idea of staying home, to shame!

Costa Rica has become a model for the world in so many ways, and it has shamed the United States and Donald Trump, for the disgraceful response that has led to more than 80,000 deaths and counting, with a President who ignores and defies science, and will pay for it in his historical reputation being further damaged beyond repair!

Andrew Cuomo Alienates Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, And Other Right Wingers: Poor Boys! LOL

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has caused a stir with his statement last weekend on a radio interview, in which he said that those right wing extremists who are”pro life” (while not caring about poor children and their mothers), pro assault weapon, and anti gay, are not welcome in New York State, as the Empire State is much more tolerant, advanced, and civil than those who are intolerant of women, gays and lesbians, and have no concern about massive gun violence.

This led to a explosion of anger by the right wing, including talk show hosts Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck.

Hannity said he was outraged by the intolerance of Governor Cuomo, and would now give up his New York citizenship and high Long Island property tax and state income tax payments, and move to either Florida or Texas, both low tax states. And he said, unfortunately, his over 100 worker staff will lose their jobs, and the state of New York can provide for them!

What a nice guy Hannity shows himself to be! He is full of intolerance toward so many groups, and flirts with the anarchistic, fascistic Tea Party Movement, and has the gall to invite people on his show on Fox News Channel to promote assassination of President Obama! And he has no concern about the welfare of his staff, as all he cares about is his own wealth, and not labor rights of his staff! This man is so selfish, greedy, a massive liar and hypocrite, and even now, suggests when he moves to either Florida or Texas, that he might seek to enter Congress, so as to spew his hate and propaganda ever further! A better suggestion for Hannity is why not leave the United States altogether, as you contribute nothing positive to political discourse, and are a true demagogue!

And lunatic Glenn Beck, the alcoholic, racist, reckless, promoter of chaos and anarchy in the name of his own advancement, now suggests, as a result of the hurt feelings he has from what Cuomo said, might leave Texas, even though it is low tax, and go to some other country, because he feels besieged and unloved by his own country, and the government which “persecutes” people such as him!

Oh poor boy Beck, as well as poor boy Hannity! You have both exploited the gullible Americans who listen to or watch your programs and buy your books, and do not understand what charlatans you both are!

Let us hope that Beck leaves the country, and that Hannity joins him, and also Rush Limbaugh, who had said when the 2012 Presidential election was on, that if Barack Obama won, he would move to Costa Rica! Well, that is a great idea, and it is important that Beck and Hannity join Limbaugh in Costa Rica (even though that wonderful democracy deserves better than them as residents, and in fact, has socialized Health Care! LOL ), and no longer grace our country with their poisonous and divisive rhetoric!