Day: June 25, 2013

Ed Markey Wins John Kerry’s Senate Seat: First Step Toward Retention Of Democratic Senate In 2014!

The Democratic Party has taken the first step toward hoped for retention of the majority of the US Senate in 2014, with the solid victory tonight of Congressman Ed Markey to John Kerry’s Senate seat in Massachusetts!

Markey, a 36 year veteran of the House of Representatives, enters the Senate with more years in the lower house of Congress than any in American history, and at an older age than most for a first term, being age 66!

Markey has been an outstanding liberal, and will add distinction to the US Senate, alongside fellow Senator Elizabeth Warren, making Massachusetts again one of the best states in representation, as it was with Ted Kennedy and John Kerry!

Congratulations to the new Senator Ed Markey!

The Voting Rights Act Repeal A Massive Step Backward, And Based On Trust Not Earned!

The conservative Supreme Court majority has decided to overrule the Congress, which in 2006, agreed to renew the Voting Rights Act, and in so doing, has left it to trust that Southern states, which historically have worked to limit the right to vote, can now be trusted.

This is a massive blow to the civil rights movement, and to believe that things have changed from the time of a Democratic Dixiecrat South to a Republican South today is to be living in a illusion, that one can trust Republican legislatures that are presently working against women’s rights and victimizing immigrants, that somehow, without oversight, the present increased African American involvement in voting will not be reversed rapidly!

A split Congress will be unable to do anything about enforcing voting rights fairly, anymore than protecting the rights of women and immigrants affected by discriminatory state laws.

This is the ultimate outcome of the disputed Presidential Election Of 2000, and shows once again, that elections have consequences. So the Republican majority Supreme Court has insured that its agenda will be the future, as much as it was in interfering in the 2000 election, putting a loser of the popular vote by a bigger margin than the three previous cases, into the White House!

Bill Hemmer, John Roberts, Ed Henry, Evan Bayh, Dennis Kucinich, Howard Kurtz et al: Money Over Principle!

Fox News Channel, infamous for creating news and promoting constant lies and deception, has been able to lure journalists and politicians to grace its channel, in an attempt to gain distinction and credibility, except it is not working!

Sure, more people watch Fox News Channel than CNN or MSNBC, no question about it!

But since when is “popularity” in electronic or print media a judgment as to quality and balance and fairness of coverage of news events?

Tabloid newspapers historically did better than major national newspapers in circulation, although now they are not doing better, because Fox News Channel is available for those who wish sensationalism and manipulation of the news!

So the decision of journalists such as Bill Hemmer, John Roberts, Ed Henry, and Howard Kurtz to leave CNN and go to Fox News Channel is clearly one of money over principle.

And the decision of former Indiana Senator Evan Bayh and Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich to join Fox News Channel, being well aware of their distortion of the truth, is also simply one of money over principle.

No one is saying that money is not a factor in decisions people make, and no one is saying that these individuals should not pursue as much financial gain as they can acquire.

But face the facts: principle and quality are not the goals of these journalists and former politicians, but personal financial gain alone!

IRS “Scandal” Not A Scandal: Progressive Groups Targeted As Much As Conservative Groups!

The purpose of the Internal Revenue Service is to make sure that Americans pay their proper level of taxes to support the needs of the federal government, and to insure that political groups do not get tax exempt status and avoid taxation through deceit and false claims as to their activities.

California Congressman Darrell Issa and others have tried to dramatize what they see as IRS corruption, due to accusations that only conservative groups have been targeted tor investigation by the IRS.

But now it turns out that progressive groups have also been investigated, and been denied tax exempt status, as required by a fair enforcement of the laws.

So therefore, there is no scandal, and the IRS is doing what it is supposed to do—insure fair collection of taxes! This is the law under 501 c 3 and c 4 of the tax laws—no political activity if organizations want tax exemptions!

So all the attention to “corruption” ordered by the Obama Administration turns out to be just typical conservative and Republican propaganda, but what else is new?