Day: June 22, 2013

Republicans And Food Stamps: “Red” States Are The Major Beneficiaries, And Their Supporters Seem Unaware What Republicans Are Doing To Them!

The Republicans have declared war on “Food Stamps”, and have called Barack Obama the “Food Stamp” President!

While promoting all kinds of support for the corporate world, Republicans are out to promote massive cuts to people who are expected to feed themselves in a way no civilized person in America would want to be faced with! To hell with a balanced diet and nutrition, and therefore the promotion of bad health habits, which lead to medical problems, for which many will not have health coverage if one leaves it up to the Republicans and conservatives!

So people should starve, because they are “bad” people for being poor, and their children should do without adequate nutrition, which is impossible on the present Food Stamp benefit, before any further cuts!

But this is all veiled by the belief of conservatives that MOST of the recipients of food stamps are African American, Hispanic and Native American, and are located in “Blue” Democratic states in the major urban areas of the nation.

The facts are otherwise, as the vast majority of people on Food Stamps are white, are single females and their minor children, and live in Republican “Red” states in the South, Great Plains and Rocky Mountain areas of the nation!

So it is the “Red” states that are the real “welfare” states on Food Stamps and other benefits for the poor, and it is in these states that ignorant, uneducated, and clueless people vote Republican, without awareness of what the GOP is trying to do—make the lives of poor women and children, as well as elderly and disabled, heavily white populations ever more difficult!

This is all mind boggling, and one wonders when these poor whites will get the message as to what the party they vote for is doing to them and their children’s future!

The Effect Of Immigrants And Their Children In The Future American Workforce

With the Baby Boomer generation retiring over the next two decades, we will need millions of new workers to enter the workforce to replace them, and to provide economic growth, and provide for the sustaining of Social Security and Medicare.

Much of that new workforce will be immigrants and their children, which are estimated to be 85 percent of the growth of the workforce over the next two decades, and are the group where most of the younger generation is evolving.

About 83 million people will enter the workforce over the next two decades, with about 59 million replacing retirees, and 24 million being the growth in the workforce.

About 31.5 million of the 83 million workforce entrants will be immigrants and their children, with, again, 85 percent of the 24 million workforce growth being immigrants and their children.

So we need to accept that those immigrants that are here illegally, will need to be integrated into the workforce, need to be educated, and their children given opportunity, that will not only benefit them, but the entire society!

So as in past generations, it is immigrants and their children that will sustain the growth and greatness of the American nation!