Day: June 30, 2013

Paul Ryan’s “Takers,Not Makers” Comment

Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, the GOP Vice Presidential nominee in 2012, keeps on using the term “takers, not makers” to condemn the poor, who are one of every six Americans, blaming them for being poor, and “taking, not making”!

Does Ryan understand that most poor people are single women with children, and white, or disabled people, or elderly people?

No, it is easier to leave the impression that it is minorities, African American and Hispanic, who are “living off” whites!

So Ryan has no problem in cutting food stamps and other so called “benefits”, which in total are far less than any advanced industrial democracy in the world offers to its lower class, to help their lives to be more tolerable.

But Ryan talks about “takers”, as if these poor do not work, which most do, but at a minimum wage which has NOT kept up with the cost of living, which if it had, would now be $22 an hour, not $7.25 nationally!

And of course, Ryan would not describe himself as a “taker”, although he “took” Social Security benefits when his father died, not that he should not, but by his definition would be something, if he had principle, to refuse to accept.

This man, as all in government, has been “taking” a salary for years on the public payroll, higher than 98 percent of the American people, and what has he contributed except to promote his own aggrandizement, helped along by his wife’s great family financial inheritance!

It is easy to pontificate when government is supporting you, and you have the fortune to have a wife who has a financial inheritance!

Imagine if he had not had these advantages? Maybe he would see things differently!

Decline Of Conservative Talk Radio And What It Means For Republicans

Conservative talk radio is in rapid decline, as Rush Limbaugh has lost one third of his audience, and Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity and others are discovering that their hateful rhetoric is starting to wear thin, only gaining a couple of percent of the American people to listen to their drivel!

More and more advertisers are withdrawing from these right wing talk shows, because there is a strong reaction against them, particularly from the younger generation, which is much more tolerant and open minded on many issues!

Frank Luntz, the Republican pollster, has expressed great concern that the talk radio crowd is undermining the Republican future, with their strong nativism, anti women, anti gay tirades, as if those three groups—Hispanic and Latino immigrants, women, and gays and lesbians– remain strongly Democratic, there is no hope for a GOP President ever again! And good chance the Senate will also remain Democratic with extremist Republicans having lost Senate seats they should have won in Delaware, Nevada and Colorado in 2010 and in Missouri and Indiana in 2012!

The Republicans are discovering that allowing the Limbaughs, the Levins, the Hannitys, the Becks, and others to be their lead image, is disintegrating them!