Day: June 20, 2013

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin: A True “Profile In Courage” And Model For Public Service!

It is extremely frustrating to see politicians who sell their soul to hold on to their jobs as Congressmen and Senators, unwilling to take a principled stand on anything!

And then we have West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, former Governor of the state, a lifelong member of the National Rifle Association, who fought for a “background checks” bill, which failed to overcome a filibuster, because of fear of Senators to alienate the NRA and its monstrous leadership, that does not give a damn about the thousand or more people killed by firearms each month. These cowardly Senators, and also Congressmen, are afraid of Wayne La Pierre and the NRA, and care more about keeping their seats and power than anything else!

But Manchin fought against the NRA, and continues to defy them, and this morning on MORNING JOE, after the NRA put out commercials against him, he responded with his own commercial, and made it clear that IF the people of West Virginia were unwilling to back “background checks” on firearms, and wished to send him home by defeating him in the next election, so be it!

And if that happened, he said, he would be blessed to spend his life in the state he loved, instead of Washington, DC!

What a refreshing way to look at it, as NO ONE who serves in Congress is poor, struggling, and NEEDS the job as most Americans need their job!

This is what we need—members of Congress who are there to promote what they believe in, and do NOT allow any pressure group to sway them, and willing to give up their position and power on principle, rather than kowtow to corrupt influences!

If only there were more Joe Manchins, and he is, indeed, a true “Profile In Courage”, and a model for public service!

Tea Party Backlash Against Senator Marco Rubio: Demonstrates Racism Of Tea Party Movement!

The Tea Party rally at the US Capitol yesterday not only showed how looney these Republicans and conservatives are regarding the IRS, as this author commented on yesterday.

It also demonstrated the true hate and racism of those who gathered toward Florida Senator Marco Rubio, a Cuban American, who is trying to bring about an immigration reform bill, with no help from fellow Cuban American Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who is out to destroy Rubio and make himself the GOP nominee in 2016, by hook or by crook, with emphasis on “crook’, as Cruz is the new Joseph McCarthy in many forms!

Rubio’s name was booed by the crowd, and the love affair that Rubio thought he had with the Tea Party when they helped elected him to the Senate in 2010 is clearly over!

Rubio needs to repudiate these hateful, poisonous characters and liberate himself, or else he will be consumed by their negativism, and he must denounce Allen West, former Florida Congressman and mentally ill wing nut, who now threatens to run against him in the GOP Senate primary of 2016!

A cancer such as West must be clearly excised by Rubio, and in so doing rhetorically, he will keep his dignity and his possible future in a cleansed Republican Party!