Tea Party Backlash Against Senator Marco Rubio: Demonstrates Racism Of Tea Party Movement!

The Tea Party rally at the US Capitol yesterday not only showed how looney these Republicans and conservatives are regarding the IRS, as this author commented on yesterday.

It also demonstrated the true hate and racism of those who gathered toward Florida Senator Marco Rubio, a Cuban American, who is trying to bring about an immigration reform bill, with no help from fellow Cuban American Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who is out to destroy Rubio and make himself the GOP nominee in 2016, by hook or by crook, with emphasis on “crook’, as Cruz is the new Joseph McCarthy in many forms!

Rubio’s name was booed by the crowd, and the love affair that Rubio thought he had with the Tea Party when they helped elected him to the Senate in 2010 is clearly over!

Rubio needs to repudiate these hateful, poisonous characters and liberate himself, or else he will be consumed by their negativism, and he must denounce Allen West, former Florida Congressman and mentally ill wing nut, who now threatens to run against him in the GOP Senate primary of 2016!

A cancer such as West must be clearly excised by Rubio, and in so doing rhetorically, he will keep his dignity and his possible future in a cleansed Republican Party!

Michele Bachmann To Leave Congress: Goodbye, Good Riddance, And Please No More Public Appearances Once You Leave (Fat Chance)!

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, arguably the most infuriating Republican House member, although there are others who could certainly compete for that honor, has announced she is not going to run for a fifth term in her Congressional district, and everyone should celebrate this news!

Bachmann will go down as one of the most reckless, most irresponsible members of the US House of Representatives in its entire history!

She said stupid, inane things on a regular basis; worked at character assassination of Democrats and progressives; and her husband added to the embarrassment of her public appearances and speeches, both on the floor of the House and off!

She contributed NOTHING positive to American politics, working at dividing Americans, rather than unite them on anything!

She was also an embarrassment to the advancement of women in politics, and her Presidential campaign was a disgrace, that she even thought she was qualified to serve in the Oval Office!

To believe that she is a tax attorney is hard to conceptualize, as he came across as brain dead, having no understanding of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and rejected science totally, and accepting mythology and hearsay as fact!

To believe that this dumb moron was on the Intelligence Committee of the House demonstrates what a mockery the Republican Party has become in the House of Representatives, accomplishing the least legislative action of any Congress in 70 years!

Bachmann claims that she was not worried about losing her seat, even though her margins of victory were smaller each time, and the last round, she won by one percent.

Bachmann also claims that she is not concerned about the investigation of her Presidential campaign funding by the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but an active pursuit of information about likely corruption is in process, and do not be surprised that she could be indicted, and could, in theory, face expulsion from the House if the investigation develops quickly enough over the next 18 months.

It would be fitting for Bachmann to be repudiated and forced out, as she is a a literal nightmare that brought out the ugliest side of the American right wing!

And the Tea Party Movement, of which she was the leading member, is also in trouble, and hopefully, there will be a repudiation of that hateful, backward, movement that promoted selfishness and greed, and condemns people who are not part of the elite upper class white establishment that put us into the Great Recession!

Meanwhile, we have rid ourselves of Florida Congressman Allen West, South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, other morons and threats to a stable future in America, so we do have some things, as progressives, to be happy about!