The Effect Of Immigrants And Their Children In The Future American Workforce

With the Baby Boomer generation retiring over the next two decades, we will need millions of new workers to enter the workforce to replace them, and to provide economic growth, and provide for the sustaining of Social Security and Medicare.

Much of that new workforce will be immigrants and their children, which are estimated to be 85 percent of the growth of the workforce over the next two decades, and are the group where most of the younger generation is evolving.

About 83 million people will enter the workforce over the next two decades, with about 59 million replacing retirees, and 24 million being the growth in the workforce.

About 31.5 million of the 83 million workforce entrants will be immigrants and their children, with, again, 85 percent of the 24 million workforce growth being immigrants and their children.

So we need to accept that those immigrants that are here illegally, will need to be integrated into the workforce, need to be educated, and their children given opportunity, that will not only benefit them, but the entire society!

So as in past generations, it is immigrants and their children that will sustain the growth and greatness of the American nation!