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IRS “Scandal” Not A Scandal: Progressive Groups Targeted As Much As Conservative Groups!

The purpose of the Internal Revenue Service is to make sure that Americans pay their proper level of taxes to support the needs of the federal government, and to insure that political groups do not get tax exempt status and avoid taxation through deceit and false claims as to their activities.

California Congressman Darrell Issa and others have tried to dramatize what they see as IRS corruption, due to accusations that only conservative groups have been targeted tor investigation by the IRS.

But now it turns out that progressive groups have also been investigated, and been denied tax exempt status, as required by a fair enforcement of the laws.

So therefore, there is no scandal, and the IRS is doing what it is supposed to do—insure fair collection of taxes! This is the law under 501 c 3 and c 4 of the tax laws—no political activity if organizations want tax exemptions!

So all the attention to “corruption” ordered by the Obama Administration turns out to be just typical conservative and Republican propaganda, but what else is new?

Is The Obama Presidency Running On Empty Gas Tank?

Four months into the second term of the Obama Presidency, it seems as if the administration has stalled.

Gun control legislation of any kind has failed to succeed.

Immigration reform is stalled, despite the efforts of Democratic and Republican Senators, including Marco Rubio of Florida.

The effects of sequestration are having a deleterious effect.

There are kinks in the ObamaCare planning for 2014.

There are questions about the improper use of the Internal Revenue Service toward conservative groups.

The Justice Department has intervened to subpoena records of the Associated Press, having to deal with, they say, national security.

The more one looks at the gathering storm, the more it looks as if the Obama Presidency may not have any more victories, and may face a lot of grief, some of it self induced!