A New Term For Romney “Flip Flopping”: “ROMNESIA”

Barack Obama, back on the campaign trail again, has come up with a new term that can be used to describe Mitt Romney’s constant “flip flopping”–constant switches of view from moderate to right wing conservative to moderate, sometimes switching daily.

Obama’s joking term is “Romnesia”, that Romney “forgets” what his prior stands on every conceivable issue has been, although he is well aware of the deception he is practicing.

When Obama discusses Romney, he says that his “disease”, however, is covered under “ObamaCare”, as it is a “pre-existing condition”!

This causes a hearty laugh among the members of the audience, but, in reality, it is not a laughing matter, as those who plan to vote for Romney truly have no idea of what he truly believes, or who he is, as he has refused to discuss his religious beliefs in depth, his finances, and his vision for the future. Instead, he says to just trust him, but that is difficult because he does not engender confidence or commitment to any principles.

Instead, he is an unknown quantity, without any fundamental principles, asking us to gamble, and that is not something any rational person can think of doing, in the midst of economic recovery starting to accelerate.

2 comments on “A New Term For Romney “Flip Flopping”: “ROMNESIA”

  1. Ali Rahnavard October 19, 2012 7:15 pm

    You would think that Republicans might have learned to shut their mouths about Obamacare as they so loved to call it prior to the point the President himself admitted he liked it. For one it’s admitting that the President did do something unlike the republican claim he just sat behind the oval office napping.

    If you have ROMNESIA you should seek medical attention immediately. The common Symptoms of Romnesia include, lack of coherent thought processes, childlike temper tantrums, phony smiling, overinflated sense of ego, an overinflated sense of one’s own importance, entitlement complex, childlike insecurity, Bullying complex, intense cravings for pancakes, loose of manners, lack of humility, lack of empathy, intense selfishness, an intense love of the sound of one’s own voice, intense dislike of facts, a deep and intense love of the phrase, “when I was governor”, tax cuts and the pursuit of tax cuts, obscene amount of military spending, misguided belief that Russia is our geopolitical foe, lack of knowledge as to how many hours are in a day, no regard for the laws of one’s country and the process that put them there, less knowledge of the constitution then a 3rd grade history student, the arithmetic skills of a rock, and in almost all cases the attention span of a goldfish and the patience of a gerbil.

    Fear not Romnesia is completely curable. Take one dose of Barack Obama and check back with your doctor in 4 years.

  2. Ronald October 19, 2012 7:58 pm

    Ali, your description of “Romnesia” is absolutely BRILLIANT! LOL

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