Day: November 17, 2011

Is Racism Disappearing From America? The Herman Cain Case

Many want to believe that racism is disappearing from America, as a result of the election of Barack Obama as President in 2008.

Unfortunately, many of the attacks on President Obama are based on his race, not his policies. Many death threats, starting more than a year before his election, when he was not seen as a serious candidate, made him the earliest candidate ever to receive Secret Service protection. And now, a person has been arrested for shooting bullets at the White House, and claiming he had a mission to kill Obama.

And now we know that it is not just the shabby treatment and death threats against Barack Obama that are signs of continuing racism.

Sadly, Herman Cain, the African American Republican candidate for President, will now receive Secret Service protection far ahead of the election, due to death threats mounting against him.

So it does not matter if a black candidate is a Democrat, a Republican, a progressive, a conservative!

Just being black is enough to engender the terrible cancer of racism!

We have a lot of work to do in this country, and it has to make one wonder if we should be bragging that we are the greatest nation in the world, if we cannot overcome the stench of racism, fifty years after the Civil Rights laws, and 150 years after the Civil War, which ended slavery!

American Foreign Policy Challenge: The Top Ten Nations

We live in an uncertain and dangerous world, two decades after the end of the Cold War, and the downfall of the Soviet Union.

Not only is there the threat of international terrorism, whether state sponsored, or outside the state system, but the challenges that various nations present to us are also imposing.

By areas of the world, without ranking, these would be considered the top ten nations that present a challenge to us for the long term.

The Russian Federation, with its authoritarian leader, Vladamir Putin.

Middle East

Egypt, with its revolution faltering, and the largest nation in population in the Arab world.
Iran, with its sponsorship of international terrorism in the Palestinian territories, and its development of nuclear power.
Israel, with its problems dealing with the Palestinians and terrorism, and alarmed by Iranian influence growing in the Middle East.


China, with its growing impact on the world economy, and one out of every four people in the world within its borders.
North Korea, with its maniacal leader Kim Jong Il, and his move to develop nuclear weapons that endanger the security of South Korea and Japan.
Pakistan, with its radical Islamic groups, and a deteriorating relationship with the United States, and dangerous because of its possession of nuclear weapons.
India, with the second largest population in the world, and concerned about the threat of its nuclear rival, Pakistan.

Latin America

Mexico, with its growing drug gangs, presenting an imminent threat to the United States border states, and its government unable to cope with promoting law and order within its national boundaries.
Venezuela, with its maniacal leader, Hugo Chavez, and his anti American foreign policy, and friendship with Fidel Castro

In these difficult times, we need a person who understands the world, and again, ONLY Jon Huntsman can truly challenge President Barack Obama and his strong diplomacy under the leadership and advice of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton!

New Foreign Policy Initiative: US Marines In Australia, A Challenge To China

President Barack Obama, on his visit to Australia and Indonesia, has made a new initiative in foreign policy by arranging with Australia for the establishment of a US military presence, approximately 2,500 marines, starting in 2012, and being fully accomplished by 2016.

This is a veiled warning to China on security interests of both Australia and the United States, and an indication that the US is facing the reality that the major center of world affairs in the 21st century will not be the Middle East, as important as that is, but rather East Asia, with the growing influence of China, along with the significance of Japan, South Korea, and Indonesia, plus the South Asian nations of India and Pakistan.

The population of the nations mentioned above are a majority of the world’s people.

This is, therefore, a path breaking event, another indication of how Barack Obama is changing the course of American foreign policy and national security for the long run, beyond his time in the Presidency!