Day: November 28, 2011

The Absolute Gall Of Herman Cain: Time To Get Out Of The Presidential Race!

Herman Cain has proved to have more gall, more chutzpah, than anyone running for President on the Republican side of the aisle!

This man has yet another woman claiming inappropriate behavior by him, and this time, it is not him making a pass at women who did not wish it, but rather a woman who claims a THIRTEEN year affair with Herman Cain, and all Cain can say is that it is not true! One should feel sorry for Cain’s wife, who obviously does not know her husband and his proclivities. It is time for him to drop out of the Presidential race as he is becoming a burden to the party image.

But beyond that, Herman Cain has shown absolutely no understanding, no knowledge, no depth on foreign policy, economic policy, and really, just about every subject he is queried about by reporters. Even yesterday, on CNN, he totally confused Candy Crowley about his stand on numerous issues, as he says something, and then seems to contradict what he just said, and claims he is being misinterpreted!

If he cannot adequately explain what he is declaring, then he cannot be a good communicator to the public and to foreign nations, and this is not a laughing matter!

Additionally, Herman Cain had stage 4 colon cancer five years ago, and miraculously has gone into remission since, but seriously, should such a diagnosis be considered acceptable for someone to run for President, when the odds are that he might not live for another five years, to the end of the term he would be elected to? Is this responsible behavior, or is it a massive ego, who has delusions of grandeur that he is the conservative black alternative to Barack Obama?

Herman Cain, do us a favor and get out of our face and quickly! Thank you!

Congressman Barney Frank To Retire: A Major Figure In The History Of The House Of Representatives

It is a well known fact that most Congressmen, members of the lower chamber of Congress, never become significant, well known, accomplished, and memorable in the long run of our history.

Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank is one of those exceptions, and he announced today that he was retiring after 32 years, 16 terms, in the House, from the Boston area.

Always outspoken and controversial, and willing to “get in one’s face”, Frank has his detractors who literally hate him, and his admirers, who love him, and consider him a giant figure in the House who has been trashed by conservative and Republican propagandists.

This author sides with the latter view, as Frank, despite being blamed wrongly by the RIght for the Great Recession, particularly in housing, actually set out to promote regulation of the financial industry, but was stopped by the Bush Administration from meaningful control over banks and corporations.

A lot of lying is going on, making Frank the villain, and a lot of it is centered, no matter what the critics say, on the fact that Barney Frank was the first openly gay member of the House, proud of his homosexuality, and not willing to be bullied by his critics, and instead willing to fight with words and actions!

Frank has been an inspiration to many people, and he will not be forgotten in history, but instead will be one of the most historic figures in the history of the House Of Representatives, almost as if he had been Speaker of the House!