Day: November 12, 2011

Jon Huntsman’s Major Opportunity: Saturday Night’s South Carolina Foreign Policy And National Security Debate

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman is reaching his major opportunity in Saturday night’s Presidential debate in South Carolina, as the topic is limited to foreign policy and national security.

As stated many times in the past, Jon Huntsman is EASILY the most qualified of all the GOP candidates for President, when it comes to expertise and knowledge and depth in foreign policy and national security issues.

As Ambassador to Singapore and Ambassador to China, and as a trade negotiator, Jon Huntsman has superb experience in foreign policy, and particularly where it most matters, in Asia, which will be the center of world affairs in the 21st century, particularly regarding China, the nation with one fourth of the world’s population.

No one else can come close to matching Huntsman, who also can speak Mandarin Chinese.

Few people who have ever run for President have the credentials of Jon Huntsman in foreign policy, so this is his opportunity to separate himself from the pack and start to gain in the polls.

if he does not do well tonight, and/or improve his standing in polls in the next couple of weeks, after being at one or two percent all along, then, sadly, Huntsman is finished as a major factor in Republican politics!

Two Hopes For The Future Of Politics: Elizabeth Warren And Ilya Sheyman

Many Americans are turned off to politics, and have the growing feeling that it makes no difference who you put in office, as they will be beholden to the “special interests”, rather than the citizenry who elects them.

And yet, there is growing hope that some people running for public office in 2012 actually cannot be controlled or owned by lobbyists and special interests, and two of them are: Elizabeth Warren, running for the Massachusetts Senate seat of Scott Brown, who replaced Ted Kennedy in a special election at the beginning of 2010, but who is one of the most “owned” candidates by the big corporations; and an unknown Illinois Congressional candidate in the Tenth District north of Chicago, Ilya Sheyman, attempting to oust a Tea Party Republican freshman named Robert Dold.

Warren is famous for having promoted the passage of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, one of the major accomplishments of the Obama Presidency. However, the Republicans made it clear that they would oppose her appointment as its head, so Warren turned around and decided to challenge Brown for his Senate seat, and this will be one of the premier stories of 2012, as she inspires many progressives who have hopes for change from the old system that has dominated Washington, DC for so long.

Just as inspiring is the story of 25 year old Soviet Jewish immigrant Ilya Sheyman, who migrated with his parents at age 4 from the Soviet Union. Appearing on UP-WITH CHRIS HAYES on MSNBC this morning, we learned of his motivation to promote the progressive movement, after experience as a community organizer in Waukegan, Illinois; service in the office of Senator Barack Obama; and national Mobilization Director at

Warren and Sheyman are both very impressive in their sincerity and commitment at a time when cynicism reigns supreme, so all who care about the future should work to elect Warren and Sheyman and like minded reformers!