Day: November 5, 2011

Three Years Since Election Of Barack Obama And One Year To Next Presidential Election!

Three years ago last evening, at around 11 pm Eastern time, Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States, a truly historic moment in American history! And tomorrow, it will be exactly one year to the next Presidential election!

It has been a very eventful, tumultuous three years, and many have been disappointed that all of the problems left by the Republican party control of Congress for 12 years and control of the White House for eight years under President George W. Bush, have not been resolved overnight.

Of course, it was truly unrealistic to believe that we would overcome the economic disaster of the Great Recession magically in three years.

But a lot of progress has been made, and in foreign policy and national security, Barack Obama has had an amazing three years.

Also, socially, we have seen great progress in promotion of human rights and the taking of the proper stand for workers, women, gays, and other groups that have not had a fair shake in the past in our country.

Barack Obama may have made people think he could walk on water, but the reality is that progress in many areas, including health care, education, constitutional law, and the environment has been made, but still leaving room for improvement.

To believe that any of the Republicans running for President offer a better future is to dwell in nonsensical dreaming!