Day: April 1, 2011

Florida Governor Rick Scott And Budget Cuts For The Disabled: A Sacrilege!

Florida Governor Rick Scott becomes more venal and unconscionable by the day!

Now he is promoting a major budget cut for the disabled, who suffer from Autism, Downs Syndrome, and other mental disabilities, including the individuals who live in group homes, because they are not as fortunate to have a loving family as my own younger son, Paul, has in his dad, and eventually, in his brother David!

What could be more obscene than this, and also in the plan to put all people on Medicaid into profit making HMOs, which means they will not get adequate medical care, which insures shorter and less pleasant lives for those who already struggle every day to attempt to enjoy life!

And, in the midst of these disgraceful actions, Scott has the nerve and the gall to participate in a Special Olympics race, and smile while saying how that organization is so important in helping the disabled in society!

Does this man have any sense of decency, a conscience, any element of morality in his body? Obviously not!

Gainesville, Florida Pastor Terry Jones, The Burning Of The Koran, And Mass Murder In Afghanistan!

Gainesville, Florida Pastor Terry Jones threatened last September that he would burn a copy of the Muslim Koran in public to protest the hate that he said the Islamic faith represents. After an uproar and plenty of publicity that he actively sought, he backed away from such a despicable act!

Now, six months later, with far less publicity, Jones went ahead and did the dastardly deed, and the result was to provoke violence in Afghanistan, with the resulting massacre of United Nations staff and others!

This tragic event is easily condemned, but was avoidable by a wise decision, not taken, to avoid showing disrespect for a holy book of another religious faith!

For a Christian pastor to do such a disgraceful act should be roundly condemned, and he should be held morally responsible for the violence visited upon those unfortunate victims in Afghanistan!

When a man of God chooses to promote hate and disrespect for others, he is no better than a terrorist himself, and anyone decent should roundly deplore his right to be called a man of God!

This is an example of the hypocrisy of many so called clergy who hide behind a collar, and they deserve not one iota of respect or deference!

Police Officers, Fire Fighters, And The “Divorce” From The Republican Party

The Republican Party is involved in a nasty “divorce” proceeding from two groups that have been for a long time proud to be Republicans–police officers and firefighters, with the unions for both occupations regularly endorsing GOP candidates for President, Governor, Senator and other political offices. This “marriage” has been a good deal for the Republican Party, but no longer, thanks to GOP Governors across the country!

Other than the military, what other occupations are more respected as there to protect all of us in America than the police officers and firefighters, who like soldiers at war, sacrifice themselves daily and face dangers most of us have never experienced!

John Kasich, Governor of Ohio, who recently ridiculed a police officer for having the gall to stop him and give him a ticket for reckless driving, has now signed legislation taking away collective bargaining from these loyal unions. A referendum to repeal this legislation is proceeding, and police and fire unions across the nation are actively working to overcome the despicable actions of the Ohio Republican Party, and also to work work against all the other GOP governors who are mistreating those who are there for us every day, loyal to their communities!

Even Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin was smart enough to leave police and fire unions out of his legislation to to take away collective bargaining rights from teachers, nurses, and other public servants, because of his awareness of their endorsement of his candidacy last year. But many police and fire fighters marched and demonstrated at the state capitol in Madison to show their support for those public workers under attack, and made clear their opposition to such actions by the Republicans in the Wisconsin state legislature.

Chris Christie in New Jersey, Paul LePage in Maine, Rick Snyder in Michigan, and now Rick Scott in Florida have also declared war on police and fire fighters, and so this will become a major factor in the Presidential Election of 2012 and in Congressional races and state races next year.

As Rachel Maddow of MSNBC said tonight, this issue could insure that Barack Obama is elected to a second term as President, and that the Democrats could make major gains in the states and in Congress, as a result of the stupid, inane actions by Republican politicians, who will now pay a heavy price politically!

But remember, also, that the Republican Party has ALWAYS been anti labor since the era after Theodore Roosevelt one hundred years ago, and sponsored the anti labor union law, the Taft Hartley Act of 1947, which led to a half century of GOP minority status in Congress until 1994!

The Republican Party is a leopard that has never, and never will, change its spots! Once a enemy of working people, ALWAYS an enemy of working people!

When will working people finally understand and stop voting Republican?