Day: April 28, 2011

The Ignorance Crisis In America: Belief In Conspiracy Theories Runs Amuck, Danger Sign For America’s Future!

America is in deep trouble for the future in so many ways, but it is likely that the greatest crisis the country faces is the Ignorance Crisis, in which Conspiracy Theories run amuck!

It is shocking how many people, and we mean adults over the age of 18 but working its way up to include even the elderly, display such ignorance and lack of a sense of reality, that they truly believe in conspiracy theories, accepting false evidence as factually true. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but millions of citizens seem to be unwilling to face reality and accept factual details, choosing to believe what they want to believe, no matter how crazy or loony it is!

Among the Conspiracy theories widely believed are the following:

1. President Franklin D. Roosevelt engineered the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, crippling our naval fleet, in order to get us into World War II!

2. Aliens landed in Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947, and our Defense Department has covered it up ever since, keeping the aliens under lock and key!

3. The assassination of John F. Kennedy was engineered by elements within the government, and involved multiple gunmen who made Lee Harvey Oswald the patsy!

4. American astronauts did not land on the moon in July 1969, but were instead part of a great coverup by the news media and government officials, and they actually were landing in the deserts of Arizona!

5. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld engineered the attacks of September 11 on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, in order to increase Presidential power and put us into a world wide war against Islamic civilization!

6. Barack Obama was born in an Islamic country, either Kenya or Indonesia, not the United States, and there was a great conspiracy to plant a birth announcement in Hawaii newspapers in 1961, so as to allow us to elect him the first black President, and allow him to promote Sharia law and Socialism in America fifty years later!

7. In a more generalized way, the Masonic Order has been involved in a conspiracy to control the government and economy of the United States from George Washington to the present!

8. The Federal Reserve Banking System, created under Woodrow Wilson in 1913, is part of a great conspiracy by powerful capitalists and bankers, many of them foreigners, to control and manipulate the American economy, so as to exploit the average American citizen, and enrich the international conspiracy against America’s interests!

9. There is a great conspiracy by people from Latin America, particularly Mexico, to take over the American nation, and dilute it with the “inferior” racial stock that Hispanics and Latinos represent!

10. The United States is threatened by “old Europe”, the “inferior” nations and laws of nations such as Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy and other countries all over Europe, who are trying to undermine our laws and traditions! Also, all international organizations, including NATO and the United Nations, are working to undermine American “exceptionalism” and values!

When one examines all of these conspiracy theories and how many Americans truly believe them, despite lack of evidence and facts, one must mourn for the long term future of this great nation, which has allowed the development of an inferior education system and poor family values to undermine what was once a great nation, but is now in great danger and under great threat of collapse over the next few generations!

All good, educated, sensible people want our nation back to what it once was, and mourn the serious mental illness we are now suffering through!

Orly Taitz Should Be Prosecuted For Defamation Of Character Of President Obama, AndThen Be Put Under Psychiatric Evaluation!!

Orly Taitz, the originator of the “Birther” conspiracy theory regarding President Barack Obama’s location of his birth, has refused to apologize for her lies and deceit, even after the original birth certificate was displayed yesterday at the request of the President of the United States!

She was invited to speak on Lawrence O’Donnell’s LAST WORD show on MSNBC, and instead “filibustered” the subject, refusing to answer how she felt about the evidence, and instead over talking O’Donnell and stating she was bringing a lawsuit over the President’s Selective Service draft registration information required for all males at age 18!

She was totally obnoxious and insulting, and to see Lawrence O’Donnell, a real gentleman on his talk show, become furious at her sick mind and behavior, was quite an experience for the author!

This is a woman born in the old Soviet Union, allowed to migrate to this nation in 1987, having the opportunity to become a lawyer and a dentist in California, and instead of appreciating the opportunities this nation has given her, she would rather trash our President, give him no respect or dignity, and launch frivolous lawsuits, cluttering up the courts with her sick, depraved nonsense based on a hallucinatory mind and no common decency!

There is nothing else that President Obama can do about this distraction, but it is time for good Americans who are disgusted by this poisonous promotion of racism and hate to launch a civil lawsuit against Orly Taitz, with the intention of making her pay for defamation of character, for libel and slander, leading to her impoverishment financially!

And then, the woman, by stirring passions in such an outrageous, deceptive manner, should be put under psychiatric care as a detriment to civil society and common decency!

Freedom of speech does not mean one can shout fire in a crowded theater and not be held responsible civilly for one”s reckless behavior! This is not calling for criminal indictment, but rather civil indictment and conviction, and the ruling of a court that this disgraceful human being be required to have psychiatric evaluation and care!