Day: April 6, 2011

94th Anniversary Of America As A World Power: Time For Reflection!

On this day, 94 years ago, the United States declared war on Germany, the Austro Hungarian Empire, and the Ottoman Turkish Empire, as President Woodrow Wilson took us into the First World War on the side of Great Britain, France, Russia and Italy, in a war to promote “democracy”!

Ever since, this nation has debated the virtues and shortcomings of entering that war, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, the Afghanistan War, the Iraq War, and now the Libyan War.

Many have said that we have stretched ourselves thin, seen hundreds of thousands of Americans killed, gone into a tremendous national debt, and yet have not created a safer world for democracy, which is still rare around the world!

This past 94 years is seen by many as an era of the “American Empire”, but which has been detrimental to our national prosperity and growth!

As we recall the sacrifices of our men and women in all of these wars, it is necessary to say we cannot return to “isolationism” as we tried to do in the 1920s and 1930s to our detriment!

But we also cannot be the world’s “policemen” and have troops and bases in more than 100 countries and manage to promote democracy and opportunity at home!

We must realize as a nation that we can only have limited commitments to overseas military adventures, and not allow the “military industrial complex” to promote commitments that we cannot sustain!

We must always remember that while we are the beacon of democracy in the world, we cannot expect everyone worldwide to want to emulate the United States, and we must work to better our own democracy while trying to promote the concept overseas as an ideal, but not one whereby we keep on committing American men and women to die for a cause that is not wholly supported by the people in other nations!

John Boehner And The Tea Party Burden He Carries!

Speaker of the House John Boehner is facing a major crisis within his House membership, the fact that most of the freshmen Republicans are much more extreme to the right of center than he is, and are demanding unreasonable budget cuts for the present fiscal year, and preventing a final agreement to avoid a government shutdown!

The Democrats have gone more than half way on compromise, but refuse to make concessions on funding programs that Barack Obama had fought for over the past two years.

But the Tea Party element in the GOP is demanding total surrender, even though the GOP controls only one half of one third of the federal government!

This is a sign of the disaster waiting us if the GOP somehow gains control of both houses of Congress and the White House in the 2012 election cycle!

It is a warning to all Americans to be vigilant, pay attention, learn the issues, stop reacting emotionally to social questions such as gay rights and abortion, and vote your own economic interests, which unless you are wealthy, means you should be voting for the Democratic Party, the party of the people, rather than property and wealth which the GOP represents!

If one cannot see that fact as truth, then the American republic is doomed in the long run as the wealthy plutocracy ends all semblance of democracy in America!