Medicaid Cuts

Florida Governor Rick Scott And Budget Cuts For The Disabled: A Sacrilege!

Florida Governor Rick Scott becomes more venal and unconscionable by the day!

Now he is promoting a major budget cut for the disabled, who suffer from Autism, Downs Syndrome, and other mental disabilities, including the individuals who live in group homes, because they are not as fortunate to have a loving family as my own younger son, Paul, has in his dad, and eventually, in his brother David!

What could be more obscene than this, and also in the plan to put all people on Medicaid into profit making HMOs, which means they will not get adequate medical care, which insures shorter and less pleasant lives for those who already struggle every day to attempt to enjoy life!

And, in the midst of these disgraceful actions, Scott has the nerve and the gall to participate in a Special Olympics race, and smile while saying how that organization is so important in helping the disabled in society!

Does this man have any sense of decency, a conscience, any element of morality in his body? Obviously not!