The Two Party System Under Attack By Voters: Will It Benefit The Republicans By Default, Or Keep The Democrats In Control Of Congress?

Polls indicate that there is great anger and fury among voters toward both the Democratic and Republican parties, and the wonder is how it will affect the party balance this November in the midterm elections for Congress!

The Democrats are highly unpopular, with only 38 percent approving, and 60 percent disapproving of the party’s performance in an Associated Press poll, but the GOP is far worse–with 31 percent approving and 68 percent disapproving!

In a CBS-NY Times poll, the Democrats have a rating of 30 percent compared to the Republicans with just 20 percent!

The Republicans are not seen as “new”, as they were in 1994, when they had been out of power since 1954–an amazingly long 40 years!

Now they have only been out of the majority for four years, and this comes after 12 years of control, in which they helped to cause the horrific conditions that led to a doubling of the national debt, two wars, and the Great Recession!

So they are on the defensive, as many do not see the GOP as really offering a better alternative, but simply putting back in power those who botched things up!

Will the country really give the Republicans the majority? Our two party system is frustrating to many, but there is no realistic chance to have a three party system or replace either one of the major parties, which have been around since 1854!

So it will be interesting to see what the voters, individually in each of the 50 states, decide to do with their anger and frustration! And also realize that polls can change rapidly as we get closer to the election, and are not always accurate in any case!

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