The Money Battle For Congress Favors Democrats!

The public opinion polls may show major Republican gains for Congress this November, but the money battles favor the Democrats!

New statistics show that the national committees of the two major parties are very uneven in fund raising and money on hand, with the Democrats having over $13 million on hand, to the GOP’s almost $5 million!

In the House campaign coffers, the Democrats have $39 million to the Republican total of $26 million!

Only in the Senate campaign fund raising do the Republicans have a slight edge with $24.5 million as compared to the Democrats with $23 million!

Meanwhile, state party fund raising demonstrates that the Democrats are ahead in Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Washington, Illinois and Iowa, while the Republicans are ahead in Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and Colorado!

So based on money raised, the Democrats are, overall, more competitive than the polls suggest!

It all comes down to voter turnout, and that means the Democratic message over the next 41 days will be crucial, requiring active campaigning by President Obama, Vice President Biden, former President Bill Clinton, and others, to convince the country that the Democrats are going in the proper direction, but that unfortunately, patience is required, and that slow progress is being made!

As Bill Clinton said yesterday to Wolf Blitzer on CNN, give the Democrats a whole term in office, rather than prejudging in less than two years, and consider what the opposition party offers as an alternative, which is NO POLICY, just attacks!

The point is, the election is far from over! Or as the former Yankee catcher Yogi Berra once said: “It ain’t over till it’s over!” 🙂

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