Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich And The Attack On Health Care! :(

Two leading Republican contenders for the Presidential nomination have shown themselves to be disgraceful in their attacks on health care legislation, which the GOP is dedicated to repealing if they win control of Congress this November!

Mike Huckabee, former Arkansas Governor, had the gall to compare the issue of pre-existing conditions in children now having to be covered as of tomorrow, to a property insurance company having to insure a house that has burned down! πŸ™ How heartless a statement that is for a ordained Baptist preacher, who claims to be a “good” Christian! πŸ™ What hypocrisy! πŸ™

Newt Gingrich, former House Speaker from Georgia, has been on a tear lately with outrageous statements about President Obama, about Islam, and so many other controversies, showing he has no decency and is willing to promote hate, division, and turmoil in his mad dash for power, despite his own numerous personal moral failings! πŸ™

Now he says that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius should be fired by the new Congress for advocating and promoting the new health care law! Imagine, the secretary of HHS is not supposed to advocate her department’s programs? And since when can Congress fire cabinet members of the President? Is this a sign of intention to impeach Sebelius for doing her job? This is ABSOLUTELY DESPICABLE drivel being promoted by a person with no ethics, morals, or scruples at all! πŸ™

Meanwhile, several health insurance companies are getting out of the market of children’s health care just two days before the health care legislation goes into effect, which demonstrates the problem of leaving all health care to private corporations who only care about profits, not about health of children or anyone who is sick! This is further evidence of the dire need for stronger health care legislation with a public option, so that the 50 million Americans without health care can gain what every American should be entitled to–coverage for health care, and the promotion of the right to a decent life!

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