Tom Coburn Wants To Hold Up Food Safety Bill: Is This NOT Insanity? :(

Republican Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma has a reputation for being one of the most loony members of the US Senate!

He is only adding to this reputation by his threat to use Senatorial privilege to prevent the passage of a food safety bill, as too expensive and giving too much control to the Food and Drug Administration!

This bill has already been held up for a year, and that means there are more chances of tainted food in the future if this is not passed!

As it is now, the FDA cannot inspect many food facilities for a decade or more, and there is great danger to the public from the lack of inspections and regulation!

How anyone could see the blockage of legislation to promote food safety, health safety, as acceptable is beyond understanding for anyone who is sane! 🙁

This whole issue of senatorial privilege needs to be addressed in the future, as it is totally destructive of government doing what it MUST do–promote public safety, which should be defined as more than just defense of the nation! 🙁

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