The Biggest Loser Due To The Tea Party Takeover Of The GOP: Mitt Romney!

As one analyzes the growing influence of the Tea Party Movement on the Republican Party, it is obvious who the biggest loser is with the emergence of this radical, anti government, anti incumbent fringe movement: Mitt Romney!

Romney is no Tea Party type, but instead is a solid, experienced businessman and competent governor, who dealt with the issue of health care in Massachusetts!

He is also often seen as a liberal from New England, although he has worked very hard to create the image that he is a solid conservative!

He is a Mormon who will have great troubles overcoming social conservatives who keep on espousing Christian values, and consider him as radical because he is a Mormon!

On paper, even though he has shortcomings, he seems to be the most qualified, competent candidate the GOP could offer as a challenger to President Obama! Romney has great business experience, and made the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics a success!

If the GOP used its intelligence, rather than its emotions, it would nominate Romney as the best of the group of potential candidates!

But it is clear that Mitt Romney has lost any edge he might have had, once the Tea Party Movement emerged as a significant influence, pushing the Republican Party far to the right!

So the GOP will lose any chance it had to win the 2012 Presidential election, and the worst scenario of all is if Sarah Palin somehow emerged as the nominee two years from now! 🙁

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