The Year Of The Republican Woman Senate Candidates!

The year 2010 will go down as the Year of the Republican Woman Senate Candidates!

A total of five women have been nominated by the GOP to run for a Senate seat, and it is expected that at least one or two might very well be elected in November!

Among the most likely winners would be Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire, and possibly Carly Fiorina, formerly CEO of Hewlett Packard, in California, although her race against Senator Barbara Boxer is likely to be much tougher than Ayotte’s against Paul Hodes, as Boxer has a long career in the Senate and California is a blue state, as compared to the traditional red state nature of New Hampshire (although lately New Hampshire has been going blue)!

Much more difficult will be a win by Sharron Angle in Nevada over Senator Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, as Angle has come across as one of the worst candidates running for election!

A win by Linda McMahon, the former wrestling executive, in Connecticut over Attorney General Dick Blumenthal, will also be difficult, despite Blumenthal’s exaggerated claim that he served in Vietnam during the 1960s!

Almost certainly a defeat is awaiting Delaware’s new Senate nominee, Christine O’Donnell, who shocked everyone in overcoming Congressman Mike Castle yesterday! No one, except Christine, seems to think she can defeat Chris Coons, the Democratic nominee!

It will certainly be an interesting fall, with the only likely certainty being the election of Kelly Ayotte to represent New Hampshire in the US Senate!

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