Educational Reality: Women Surpass Men At All Levels Of Degrees!

A growing trend in recent years has now become even more evident: Women in much greater numbers are attending colleges and universities, and finishing bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees at greater rates than men in most fields!

This is a fantastic development for women, and can be attributed to their work ethic, their ambition, their realization of the need to be self supporting, and their level of maturity and responsibility!

But at the same time, this is a sad commentary on what is happening nationwide to college age males, who more than ever are delaying or totally skipping higher education, and instead choosing to go into the military or learn a trade if they are responsible, or unfortunately, in many cases, going from low wage job to low wage job and thinking of work as a means to just meet minimum responsibilities and concentrate on having fun, therefore demonstrating lack of responsibility and maturity! 🙁

This poor attitude on the part of males may be connected to the fact that many have not had a father in their lives, or if so, not a good role model! It is also partly the attitude that many males seem to have, that it is not “cool” to be a good student and to be educated!

It makes one wonder if many women now foresee a future of a career without children, as the normal view is that women wish to marry up in social and economic terms, and that may not be possible with the growing poor attitude toward work, education and career being demonstrated by many in the younger generation of males! 🙁

This is indeed a long range problem for America–the lack of ambition of many young men who think life is just partying and fun! If it continues, it is the downfall of traditional American values! 🙁

One comment on “Educational Reality: Women Surpass Men At All Levels Of Degrees!

  1. Chris September 14, 2010 9:20 pm

    This is sad but true, the majority of the seats in the classes i am in are taken up by women. Science majors used to be dominated by men! Hopefully this country will wake up and realize how important education is to keep our economy afloat. We need all of our citizens to realize the benefits of a higher education, men and women. Not having a role model while growing up should not be an excuse. In reality this should be a reason for them to want to improve their lives. While growing up i did not have a male role model, i realized that i wouldn’t want that kind of life for my children and i wanted to better myself!

    There are no excuses!

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