A Fitting Tribute To September 11 Victims: Finally, Congress Must Pass First Responders Health Coverage Legislation!

As a fitting tribute to the victims of September 11, and because it is the right thing to do in addition, it is the appropriate moment for the Congress to stop the politics, and claims that we cannot afford to come to the aid of first responders, while cutting taxes for two percent of the population that already has much of the total income of the nation! It is time to pass into law the First Responders Health Coverage legislation that the Republican party has been blocking in the House of Representatives and the Senate! 🙁

No matter what, it is time to hold accountable every last Republican and conservative Democrat who refuses to support appropriate government coverage of all of the first responders of September 11 who have suffered from the effects of the toxic air, who have become victims of cancer and other maladies, and compensate the families of those who have died from the effects of their first responder heroism!

No one should be elected or re-elected who is willing to use the issue of deficits and national debt to deny our heroes and heroines their just due, as they sacrificed their lives and health to help those in need on that tragic day!

No more delays, no more propaganda, no more bull–PASS THE LEGISLATION TO HONOR FIRST RESPONDERS, and find other ways to cut the budget, including NOT continuing to give the rich more wealth at the expense of the rest of the nation! 🙁

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