A Sad September 11 In America, And Particularly In Gainesville, Florida! :(

Saturday is the 9th Anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and it should be a day of reflection and remembrance!

What it should not be is a day marred by burning of Korans or any other religious books or documents of any faith! 🙁

What it should not be is a day that we all have to worry about violence against our troops overseas in the war zone or anywhere else on earth! 🙁

What it should not be is a day that American civilians traveling and living all over the world have to be concerned about becoming victims of violence! 🙁

What it should not be is a day that Americans have to worry that the small cell of radical Muslims that is present in this country will be emboldened to strike back at innocent people, because of their anger at the provocative burning of the Koran by a Christian zealot who represents the same type of radicalism and extremism that he professes to despise! 🙁

What it should not be is a day that a great university town, the home of the University of Florida, one of the most outstanding universities in America both for sports and for academics, has its reputation besmirched because of the actions of a person who should be prevented from doing the dastardly deed that he plans to do, with no consideration of the effect on the community, the state of Florida, the nation at large, and American foreign and military interests! 🙁

September 11 is indeed a sad day for America, but not just for the past tragedy, but for the future tragedy that is unfolding as we sit idly by and seem unwilling to do anything to prevent! 🙁

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