The Power Of Personal Fortune In Florida Politics: Yes For The Republicans, No For The Democrats!

Florida has just seen what everyone should have realized all along! 🙁

The Republican Party is beholden to big money, while the Democrats reject it! The Republicans have just nominated a crooked health care executive, Rick Scott,who has no shame, and no limit on personal fortune investment and self aggrandizement, having spent $50 million to win the nomination for Governor!

Meanwhile, billionaire Jeff Greene, who spent $14 million of his own fortune to compete against Kendrick Meek for the Democratic Senate nomination, lost by 25 percentage points, a whopping defeat!

The concept that a crooked, arrogant health care executive who was involved in Medicare fraud, is now the Republican nominee for Governor of the fourth largest state is an absolute outrage! The idea that a man who basically has “bought” the nomination by dividing and splitting the party he wishes to run, and will find it difficult to unite the GOP for the fall election, due to such bitter feelings by party leaders toward him, is a welcome sign for Democratic nominee, Alex Sink, the state’s Chief Financial Officer!

Kendrick Meek will become the only African American nominee for the US Senate, and made a great comeback, despite the heavy spending by an arrogant, corrupt stock market manipulator, Jeff Greene, and it gives Democrats hope that the voters rejected someone trying to buy the job!

The Florida results are a sign of the battles raging across the country in November, a clear cut choice between a candidate for Governor (Rick Scott) who is strongly anti abortion and in favor of bringing the Arizona immigration bill to Florida, against a Democrat (Alex Sink) who is a uniting and healing force for the Democrats, and gives them a real chance to win the Governorship, due to the split in the GOP and the horrific background of Rick Scott!

Meanwhile, the three way race of Kendrick Meek-Marco Rubio-Charlie Crist for the Senate will be one of the most watched races, with Crist in the lead for now! The question will be whether Meek can be a serious challenger and hurt Crist, or whether Crist will win many Democratic votes and be able to overcome conservative Marco Rubio!

One comment on “The Power Of Personal Fortune In Florida Politics: Yes For The Republicans, No For The Democrats!

  1. Jacob Fratti August 27, 2010 7:12 pm

    Jeff Greene was not corrupt. He was one of the few people who realized how bad the subprime mortgages were and was brave enough to put his money were his mouth was when everyone else in the financial world dismissed all dissent of subprime loans. He has intimate knowledge of the bonds market that Meek lacks.
    I voted for Meek because he has experience in Washington and the fact that Greene said nothing about the bonds market in his campaign. It just is not accurate to say Greene was corrupt. I know how it is hard to see shorting the market as a positive thing and would recommend reading The Big Short by Michael Lewis to fully understand this concept. Michael Lewis has been writing about the bad incentives of the bonds market since the 1980’s. His book the Big short is an exciting narrative of unlikely heros betting against subprime mortgages including a one eyed man with Asperger syndrome.

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