Anti Islamic Hysteria: The New Nativism Very Dangerous For America! :(

The year 2010 will, sadly, go down as the year of extreme nativism, and promotion of ethnic and religious hatred! πŸ™

As if it was not enough to persecute and harass people of Latino and Hispanic heritage, now the push is on by politicians, right wing media, and other irresponsible elements to use the so called “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy to label all people of Islamic heritage in America as enemies and threats to American society! Apparently, some seem to want a holy war against Islam worldwide, against 1.2 billion people! πŸ™

And if you notice who is leading the charge in this regard, it includes Christian fundamentalists and people who claim to be religious, but employ their Christian faith to cover their own hypocrisy! πŸ™

Most Muslims in America are good, honorable citizens, who go about their business every day–work hard, pay taxes, obey the laws, are patriotic, serve in the military, and were victims of the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center!

If we allow demagogues of the right to promote antagonism and hate against these good people, we endanger ourselves, as the alienation of these Islamic citizens could encourage lawlessness and violence by them, which already is occurring AGAINST Islamic citizens due to hysteria, and the propaganda of these right wing extremists! πŸ™

The author has already stated earlier his thoughts that it would be preferable for the “Ground Zero Mosque” to be built further away from the World Trade Center site, but the disputed project is on private property and therefore legally, and based on the Planning Commission vote and the backing of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, there is no legitimate way to block it!

But when Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin and other despicable politicians exploit the issue and stir up hate and emotions, they should not be rewarded with support, and it is good that others, including New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and commentator Pat Buchanan, have the courage to criticize their exploitation of the issue for political gain! πŸ™

And the suggestion of Christian extremists that NO mosques be allowed to be built in America, as all of them are recruiting stations for terrorists, must be roundly condemned and repudiated! πŸ™

It is amazing how some people who claim to believe the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and are so called devout people tied to the Bible, are ready to deny religious freedom and promote hate in the name of Jesus Christ, who himself would have been anything but a bigot and hypocrite! πŸ™

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