Controversy Over Watergate At Nixon Library At 36th Anniversary Of Resignation!

This coming Monday will mark 36 years since the resignation of President Richard Nixon, due to the Watergate scandal!

Watergate was controversial at the time, and it has remained a divisive matter for all of these years! It is constantly reviving as an issue as more Nixon tapes are transcribed and released to the public and to scholars!

The Nixon Library was organized as a private institution, but now has come under the National Archives, and the debate is raging how to treat the Watergate scandal and the impeachment inquiry in Congress for visitors to the library!

At the moment, there is an empty area of the library as there is no agreement over how the scandal and constitutional controversy should be presented to library patrons!

The exhibition has become one of the biggest controversies around, adding to Nixon’s image as possibly the most controversial modern President!

Much of the library showcases Nixon’s foreign policy accomplishments, and his outstanding domestic achievements as well, but Nixon sadly will always be the center of turmoil because of the illegal and unethical actions he took or supported, which led to the greatest constitutional crisis since the Civil War!

Will Richard Nixon ever “lie in peace” historically, or even at his Presidential library? Don’t count on it! 🙁

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