Extreme Anti Abortion Views Of Libertarian Tea Party Republican Candidates For US Senate!

The Republican Party has had an anti abortion plank in its national platform since the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980!

But Presidents Reagan, Bush I and Bush II all made clear their beliefs in exceptions for rape, incest, and life of the mother!

Recently, the GOP position on exceptions on abortion has become more hard line, particularly so among libertarian Tea Party backed Republican candidates, most notably for the United States Senate!

Kentucky Senate nominee Rand Paul; Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle; and Utah Senate choice Mike Lee have all made clear their belief that a woman should be required to go full term on a pregnancy, even if caused by rape or incest–that as Sharron Angle terms it, two wrongs don’t make a right! šŸ™

This is shocking for libertarian Tea Party types who would argue against big intrusive government in our lives, but yet are prepared to have government intervene on a personal matter of a woman’s body and health, and force her to follow through on a traumatic pregnancy caused by rape or incest!

This shows the hypocrisy of the Tea Party Movement and of libertarians who rail against big government, but insist that government has the right to force women to go through nine months of trauma after a shocking sexual assault!

This is a denial of personal freedom, but conveniently, the only freedoms Republican libertarians believe in is freedom of corporations to exploit the American people, and freedom of hypocrisy by these despicable candidates for public office! šŸ™

2 comments on “Extreme Anti Abortion Views Of Libertarian Tea Party Republican Candidates For US Senate!

  1. Jonathan Reiter August 7, 2010 11:00 am

    Great entry. I couldn’t agree more. The GOP claims to be the party of civil liberties, defenders of big government and the intrusion that follows. Yet, the hypocrites that they are, they strongly fight to revoke or prevent Americans from the freedom to marry, the freedom to adopt, and the freedom to have a abortion in extreme or hazardous circumstances. The opposition to the California Court’s ruling on Prop 8 further indicates that the Republicans,Tea Partiers are for small, limited government for their kind and those who share their views. They supposedly defend states rights yet protest the ruling in California. Definitely a double standard. Anyone who can say that a woman should not have the right to a abortion in cases of rape, incest or health complication needs to stop living in 14th century Europe. I think there were more progressives in the dark ages than there are in the Tea Party movement, which is nothing more than WASPY, Rascist, ignorant, Right-Wing radicals that wish to protect their version of America from what they perceive as the “great threat” to American values.

  2. Druk August 22, 2010 1:58 am

    There is no hypocrisy here. These people honestly believe that a fetus is a child fully deserving of human rights (and therefore legal protection).
    Young (or unborn) children cannot commit criminal acts which would entitle a woman to kill in self-defense if her life is not threatened. The crimes of the person who provided the sperm are not the issue. Nowhere in law is a woman allowed to forgo 9 months of discomfort by murdering a child.

    Again, this is assuming that a fetus is a child fully deserving of human rights. If you accept the premise, there is no hypocrisy. Just because you don’t accept the premise (neither do I, by the way), doesn’t mean that the other side are being hypocrites. They are being perfectly consistent on this specific issue.
    (hint: consistent =/= correct)

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