Target Stores Should Be Boycotted: Citizens United Case Rears Its Ugly Head! :(

In January, in the Citizens United Case, the Supreme Court changed a long held legal restriction on corporations spending money on political campaigns!

Now the effects of that decision are coming home to roost! Target Corporation of Minneapolis has decided to spend money and intervene to back an extremist right wing Republican candidate for Governor in that state!

The Republican nominee supports the Arizona immigration law; supports the abolition of the minimum wage; and endorses a group that condoned the execution of gay people!

Target gave $150,000 support to this candidate, state representative Tom Emmer, and has defended its support! Of course, if the minimum wage disappeared, Target could join Walmart in being anti union, and attempting to pay the lowest possible wages to its workforce, with no sense of morality as to what it is doing!

Under these circumstances, all progressives and liberals should cut up their credit cards, and refuse to spend their money at an organization with such despicable views, and such a high level of arrogance!

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