Exactly Three Months To The Midterm Elections! The Most Crucial Midterm Since 1934!

Today marks exactly three months to the midterm Congressional elections of 2010!

Every midterm election is, of course, significant, but looking at the economic and political situation that exists now, it could be argued that this is the most important such midterm election since 1934, when Franklin D. Roosevelt had begun the New Deal to tackle the Great Depression, and the conservative and Republican opposition was bitterly attacking it as a failure, and calling for a return to the conservative economic policies which had caused the massive downturn in the early 1930s!

The future of the nation was at stake then, and it is similar to what is faced now! If the Republican party were somehow to gain control of the Congress, it would likely lead to a total meltdown of the economy, and further deterioration of the political system, leaving us in threat of total anarchy! šŸ™

This is due to the fact that unlike any other Presidency, the aim of the opposition party is total destruction of the Obama programs and policies, and no willingness to accept the responsibility of shared commitment to the public good!

If we think that the economy is in sad shape now, imagine a GOP Congress declaring further war on the middle and lower classes, and using social wedges to divide American society, and appealing to the lowest common denominator of hate and prejudice! šŸ™

This is not the time for anyone who cares about progressive or liberal causes to sit on their hands because the Obama Administration has not accomplished all of the goals it set for itself in the 2008 election campaign!

Perfection is not possible, but if committed people do not vote, they will bring about a scenario they will regret for many years! The need to vote is absolutely essential!

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