The Fickle Nature Of Public Opinion Polls: Bill Clinton Vs. Barack Obama!

Imagine this: Former President Bill Clinton is now more popular than President Barack Obama!

Of course, Bill Clinton was quite unpopular during the 2008 Presidential campaign, as his wife was in combat with Obama!

But now, with no responsibility for government policy, and involved in Haitian relief and other charitable causes, suddenly he is popular, and is seen by many as a better campaign asset for many Democrats than the President!

Of course, Obama faces the constant barrage of problems and issues, and the opposition is unrelenting, which shows the reality of politics–that when you are engaged in the making of policy, you make enemies!

Once you leave, and years go by, and if you stay out of controversy, your ratings will go up, as attitudes soften towards you in retrospect!

So Clinton’s popularity can be utilized to help Democrats in areas where it might be best for Obama to avoid campaigning!

If the Democrats do better in the midterm elections than many expect, a lot of the credit will have to go to Bill Clinton! But that is all to the good! 🙂

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