Barack Obama: From “Yes, We Can!” to “Yes, We Did!”

Barack Obama is beginning an aggressive campaign in the midterm elections, attacking the Republicans as the Party of NO, which they certainly have been!

Instead of being the “gentleman” who is criticized as unwilling to go after the critics of the administration, Obama is showing the courage to hold the GOP accountable for its record, and to go after Republican candidates who, in many cases, if elected, would be worse than those now in office in Washington, DC! 🙁

The slogan during the Presidential campaign was “Yes, We Can!”, and now the new slogan in the midterm campaign is “Yes, We Did!”

This is a well reasoned but easy message to voters: Barack Obama and his administration have accomplished more in domestic policy changes and foreign policy initiatives than any Democratic President since Lyndon B. Johnson and any Republican President since Ronald Reagan!

And realize that there are still 30 months left in this term, with only 18 months finished, so it is obvious many more of the pledges he made during the 2008 campaign will be fulfilled!

People rightfully can be angry and insecure about the future, but if anyone rationally looks at the record of Obama as against what the GOP promises, or what they fail to make specific that they plan to do, how can anyone not see that real progress has been made in what is, unfortunately, a long road to economic recovery?

Common sense is, hopefully, going to rise to the surface between now and November 2!

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