Glenn Beck University: Propaganda For Fools And The Gullible! :(

It is not a new concept to have online education, and online universities!

There are plenty of them, what are called “for profit” universities, and they have come under a lot of suspicion for promising more than they can deliver, charging tremendous levels of tuition and fees, and saddling gullible students into tremendous financial burdens they can ill afford to repay, without being able to open up job opportunities for those who have been promised what cannot be accomplished! πŸ™

But now, a new idea has developed, a new manner of “making money” by exploiting gullible and foolish people! Glenn Beck, the radio and Fox News talk show host, has started “Beck University”!

Realize that Glenn Beck never attended college, although he received an honorary doctorate from Liberty University, and can now, therefore, call himself Dr. Beck! He has described himself as primarily an entertainer!

He is, however, also a conspiracy theorist and propagandist par excellence, and he has spread the belief that Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Franklin D. Roosevelt were dangerous progressives who undermined the United States, both in domestic and foreign policy! He has promoted a very distorted view of American history, and now will have the opportunity to spread the propaganda further, with large amounts of money being gained in the process! πŸ™

What qualifies Glenn Beck to start a university? Is this the trend of the future, to have propagandists start online universities and take advantage of gullible, foolish people who will believe that everything taught by the so called “professors” who teach online is accurate and reliable? πŸ™

Face the facts: What Glenn Beck is doing is no different than what led to the financial crisis in 2008, that has caused this Great Recession we are living through right now! He is a manipulative, deceitful man, no better than any of the Wall Street crowd who had no shame as they went about their business of enriching themselves, without giving a damn for the effects on average citizens! πŸ™

Don’t be surprised if one sees sometime soon a “Sean Hannity University”, a “Rush Limbaugh University”, a “Michelle Bachmann University”, or even a “Sarah Palin University”!

Realize this is all entertainment, pleasing a fawning audience which has no rational thought, but just BELIEVES! πŸ™

One comment on “Glenn Beck University: Propaganda For Fools And The Gullible! :(

  1. Tracy July 8, 2010 11:23 pm

    I find it hard to understand how people buy his BS (and Coulter’s, Limbaugh’s, Hannity’s, Palin’s, and a dozen others). It is very sad that he is marketing that BS to people who want to be “educated.”

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