A New Rush Limbaugh Outrage: When Will Republicans Condemn Him? :(

Talk show host Rush Limbaugh is infamous for his outrageous statements and signs of prejudice and racism, but now he is, even for him, beyond the pale, in his latest accusation against the Obama Administration!

Rush claims on his radio show that President Obama has purposely put America into an economic downturn because he is black, and wants to wreak revenge on America for the institution of slavery! 🙁

So the President put us into an economic downturn, heh? Apparently, Rush has conveniently forgotten that the economic collapse began under Republican President George W. Bush and Republican Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson!

And does Rush really believe that Obama could imagine that putting us into a deep recession is an appropriate “payback” that he could win support on, and keep his party in control?

Is the President capable of political suicide, willing to self destruct because of resentment over discrimination and racism? Is this really a conspiracy of minorities against the white majority?

If one believes what Rush believes on this issue, then he or she is as paranoid and delusional as Rush is!

But the question is does Rush really believe this, or is this just a way to get attention and make money and divide people?

Face the facts: Rush Limbaugh is a demagogue, who cares for no one except himself, and enriches himself on the stupidity and loony nature of his followers, who in many cases are certifiable!

It is time for Republican leaders to denounce him, as he harms the image of their party with his ranting and raving! 🙁

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