Senator Al Franken Of Minnesota: A Freshman Senator Making Good Impression!

Senator Al Franken of Minnesota, who had to face a battle for more than six months to be seated, after the hotly contested battle with Senator Norm Coleman dragged on after the 2008 election, has become an impressive, serious minded legislator in the year since he took the oath of office!

Famous, or infamous, for being a comedian, and constantly under attack by conservatives because of his strongly liberal views which annoyed the Right Wing during his show business career, Franken has been a very principled, thoughtful, and insightful legislator!

Although he can still tell a joke with finesse and lighten up a room with his humor, Franken has worked very hard to show he is no longer a comedian, but a person who has deep thoughts and ideas, particularly in regards to the Supreme Court!

He might be the last person to speak at Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, but he has asked significant questions of Supreme Court nominees Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan!

He has also led the attack on the Roberts Supreme Court for its Citizens United decision in January, giving corporations total freedom to get involved in political campaigns without any kinds of limits!

Franken has proved to be a progressive in the best tradition–there for the American people, and calling for regulation and oversight of big business in the public interest!

On the first anniversary of his becoming a Senator, Al Franken deserves a salute for his fine performance! 🙂

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