Barack Obama Needs To Act Like Ronald Reagan In 1982! Huh?

In 1982, the United States was in the depths of the greatest recession since the Great Depression, but President Ronald Reagan, facing a midterm election, refused to give in on his economic program!

In 2010, the United States is in The Great Recession, the worst since the Great Depression, although the unemployment rate has never reached the 10.8 percent it reached in 1982, and President Barack Obama faces a midterm election, which if one goes by history, the party in the White House will lose seats, as it did in 1982!

What President Obama needs to do, however, is to act like Ronald Reagan! That leads one to say “Huh?”, but what is meant here is that Obama needs to “stick to his guns”, and continue to fight for economic stimulus and keep his economic plans alive, just as Reagan did 28 years ago!

The Republicans suffered in 1982, but the economy turned around and Reagan won an easy reelection in 1984! The Democrats will lose seats in 2010, but the odds for an Obama reelection victory at this point are good, and Obama needs to avoid caving in to conservative and GOP opposition and fight for his principles!

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