Further Analysis Of The Siena Research Institute Presidential Poll!

The Siena Research Institute Presidential Poll is based on 238 scholars participating.

They, as a group, rate the worst President consistently as either Andrew Johnson (in 2002 and 2010) or Warren G. Harding (1982, 1990, 1994)!

The others in the bottom five are consistently James Buchanan and Franklin Pierce, but with Ulysses S. Grant listed in this group the first three polls, Millard Fillmore in the fourth, and George W. Bush in the most recent poll!

The poll had 20 categories of assessment, and the unusual results for the top and bottom are mentioned as follows:

For Background, John Quincy Adams ranked second behind Thomas Jefferson!

For Integrity, Richard Nixon ranked last, with Warren G. Harding just ahead of him!

For Intelligence, James Madison ranked just behind Thomas Jefferson!

For Luck, Herbert Hoover ranked last, with William Henry Harrison (the one month President) just ahead of him!

For Willing To Take Risks, Herbert Hoover ranked just ahead of James Buchanan at the bottom!

For Avoiding Crucial Mistakes, Richard Nixon ranked last, just behind Andrew Johnson!

In Foreign Policy Accomplishments, James Monroe ranked second best, just behind Franklin D. Roosevelt! Meanwhile, Lyndon Johnson ranked last in this category, with George W. Bush just ahead of him!

For Handling of US Economy, Herbert Hoover was last with George W. Bush just above him!

For Party Leadership, Andrew Jackson ranked just behind Franklin D. Roosevelt at the top of the list, while John Tyler ranked just above Andrew Johnson at the bottom!

For Relationship with Congress, Lyndon Johnson was at the top, followed by Franklin D. Roosevelt, with John Tyler again just above Andrew Johnson at the bottom!

The other ten categories include: Imagination; Court Appointments; Domestic Accomplishments; Executive Appointments; Ability To Compromise; Communication Ability; Executive Ability; Leadership Ability; Overall Ability; and Present Overall View!

This new poll will cause a lot of debate and discussion, and the author welcomes contributions and commentary from his readers!

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