Barack Obama And Immigration Reform: Time For Action!

President Obama has finally given the speech on immigration that he should have given much sooner!

Obama’ speech hailed the importance of immigration in American history, and the contributions that immigrants have made to our development and success!

He also said what many seem to have forgotten: that America is a land shaped by immigration, and that we are all immigrants, other than native Americans!

He called upon Republicans who had supported immigration reform under President George W. Bush to stop playing politics and back necessary reform now!

He emphasized the need for illegal immigrants to come out of the shadows; pay fines and taxes; learn English; and get in line to become citizens but wait till it is their time, rather than expect to become naturalized before those who came legally!

What is clear that there must be more efforts to protect our borders to the South, and that while we cannot deport 11-12 million illegal immigrants ( a totally impractical matter), we must concentrate on ridding our country of those undocumented people who have committed crimes, are involved in drug dealing, or are members of gangs!

We should not have illegal immigrants facing situations such as having parents sent back without their minor children; having parents forced out while their adult children serve in our military; having them being afraid of being stopped while shopping or driving and faced with immediate detention; being victimized by employers who refuse to pay them a living wage; being harassed by state or local governments based on racial and ethnic profliling and stereotyping; and having politicians exploit the issue of illegal immigration by sowing hate and division!

Where is the former John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and other GOP senators who were courageous enough to defy the conservative think tanks and media and show understanding and principle on this topic?

It is time for a push for immigration reform, and for the demagoguery and discriminatory legislation that has been endemic, to cease! 🙁

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