Is Barack Obama A Socialist? Ask Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders!

A large percentage of Republicans in a poll think Barack Obama is a Socialist, but with most of them having no clue as to what Socialism is.

This charge, along with the beliefs that he is a Muslim, and that he is foreign born, are part of an assault unprecedented in American history on a sitting President of the United States!

But if one asks Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont if Obama is a Socialist, his reaction is to laugh heartily!

Sanders WISHES that Obama WAS a Socialist! 🙂 He makes it clear that Obama is FAR from being a Socialist!

And when one looks at Bernie Sanders as a person and as a principled Socialist, one has to wonder: What is it that makes conservatives, Tea Party people, and Republicans so uptight about the word Socialism?

Bernie Sanders comes across as a very decent fellow, far from being “radical” or “dangerous”! Many members of the Republican party in Congress sound and act a lot more “radical” and “dangerous”, some to the point of great embarrassment for the party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt!

One comment on “Is Barack Obama A Socialist? Ask Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders!

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