The Menacing, Anarchistic Tea Party Mob And Capitol Hill Demonstrations Against Health Care Reform

Today, Saturday, a day before the big House of Representatives vote on Capitol Hill on Health Care reform, the US Capitol and the surrounding House Office Buildings are being besieged by a mob of chanting, belligerent demonstrators shouting epithets at Democrats, including Barney Frank of Massachusetts and Henry Waxman of California.

These anarchists are causing some to wonder why the Capitol Police do not arrest some of the demonstrators as using inappropriate language, conducting themselves in a menacing mob like mentality, and making many observers wonder if we are going to allow a mob psychology to dictate what the US House does tomorrow!

The fact that GOP members of Congress, led by loony Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, have been encouraging lawlessness and open defiance by these Tea Party activists, is to be condemned, and if any violence occurs, those members of Congress encouraging this lawlessness and anarchy should be arrested along with the bums that are acting worse than animals, and measures should be taken to expel such members from the House of Representatives as having conducted themselves inappropriately and unacceptably as lawmakers!

The fear is there that we could see anarchy in Washington, DC if we do not establish that law and order will be imposed if the misbehaving, law breaking domestic “terrorists” that call themselves Tea Party Patriots do not start acting civil and decent in government buildings!

The right of freedom of speech and assembly survives, but not lawless, anarchistic behavior, which must be cracked down upon and punished promptly! šŸ™

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