7 Years, $700 Billion For Iraq War, But No Money For Health Care?

Today marks seven years of the Iraq War, at the cost of $700 Billion, plus over four thousand dead soldiers, and 30,000 plus wounded, many seriously.

This war is now longer than any war in American History, except the Afghan War and the Vietnam War! We have lost so much in young lives and treasure. But we went ahead and continue to pay for it without question!

But the fact that 45,000 Americans die every year for lack of health care seems not to phase Republicans and conservatives, who claim we cannot afford the health care plan costs.

So because we blundered and got involved in a war that has sucked us dry, now the American people have to be denied what should be a basic human right to health care!

If we can, somehow, afford to wage wars that have no end and are bleeding us dry, then we must also find a way to have those who are more fortunate, and have evaded taxes in the past ten years, to start paying now for the good fortune they have had, and to start paying the higher level of taxes they should have been paying, if it was not for the GOP working to favor the upper class and harm the middle class, which they have done, now leading to the Great Recession!

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