Two Big Switches Favoring Health Care Legislation: Major Step Forward!

A major step toward approval of Health Care reform occurred today, when an anti abortion Congressman, along with one of the most liberal members of the House, agreed to support the bill, although not one hundred percent happy with the legislation.

Dale Kildee of Michigan, part of the anti abortion Democratic group in the House, and Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, who has run for President twice as a far left critic, both made the endorsement at a crucial time.

The point to be made is that while no one thinks the legislation is perfect, it is a first step toward insuring health care for 30 million or more Americans, and improves health care conditions for many millions of others. Every major piece of legislation has been improved over time, with the main goal now being to gain passage of the basic purpose of the legislation.

And those who fear that passage of the legislation will clinch bigger losses for the Democrats is wrong, as many Americans will see the virtues of the legislation as it goes into effect. The odds of repeal are extremely slim, as even Rush Limbaugh admits today on his radio program. Once in law, repealing it will turn off many voters and citizens, and will make the Republican party look bad, although right now they are plotting a repeal strategy.

All it will do is make the GOP look hardhearted and reactionary, so no matter what is said as scare tactics right now, once health care reform passes, even if by one vote, it will sustain itself, and one must recall that many important pieces of legislation over the years have barely passed, but become part of the American historical tradition.

It is likely a few years down the road no one will believe that the battle over health care reform was as contentious as it has been. The Republican party will not look good in opposition, and eventually, it will hurt their image and cause!

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