The Senate Majority Leadership Battle

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada has been under constant attack, and faces a tough reelection contest in his home state this fall.

Already, with that fact in mind, the Senate Majority Whip, Dick Durbin of Illinois, often seen as the heir apparent if Reid loses his seat, is readying for a fight against the former chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Chuck Schumer of New York.

While both Durbin and Schumer are tough politicians, as anyone reaching their level must be to survive, Schumer is seen as much more aggressive and having an edge because of the fact that so many new Democratic senators were elected when he was the campaign committee chairman, and he expects their loyalty when and if a battle erupts over who should succeed Reid.

Schumer would certainly be more combative than Durbin, but that includes the ability to be more controversial and unpopular because of his constant need for attention. In a New York Jewish way, he would be as hard nosed a leader as Lyndon Johnson, and might very well be more effective than either Durbin or Reid.

But it seems to the author that President Obama might prefer Durbin as more diplomatic and more a conciliator, which could be major pluses for the Illinois Senator.

Of course, if Reid wins reelection, this is all academic as it is highly unlikely that he would be challenged for the leadership, and were he to be, he probably would win the struggle.

Of course, if by a complete collapse, the Senate goes Republican, then this whole matter is resolved in an unpleasant way!

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