What Will Charlie Crist Do? The Major Question In Florida

Governor Charlie Crist is fading very fast in the polls in the Senate nomination contest in Florida.

A poll coming out tomorrow is said to be devastating to Crist, with the teaser today being that 56 percent of Republicans want him out of elected office, and only 14 percent want him as Senator, and 19 percent want him as Governor, a position he is leaving no matter what happens this fall.

Despite his denials, it will increase the speculation that Crist, if he wants to try to gain the Senate seat, will have to run as an Independent this fall against Marco Rubio and Kendrick Meek.

In that scenario, a candidate could win with mid to high 30s percent of the vote, and while that is not a great kind of race where nearly two thirds of the voters might vote against the winner, that seems to be the only answer for Crist, other than to be humiliated in the primary race, and leave office in a defeated fashion that is embarrassing.

This is a story to watch carefully over the next few months!

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