Barack Obama And Theodore Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, And Franklin D. Roosevelt

President Obama is reported to be reading Edmund Morris’s THE RISE OF THEODORE ROOSEVELT, according to Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

Obama should also be reading Robert Caro’s LYNDON JOHNSON: MASTER OF THE SENATE, and James MacGregor Burns’s FDR: THE LION AND THE FOX.

Obama needs to show the aggressiveness of Theodore Roosevelt, who first brought up the concept of a National Health Care plan in 1912!

Obama needs to hone the political skills of Franklin D. Roosevelt in gaining Social Security and other social reforms during the NEW DEAL years!

Obama needs to push and prod the Senate and the House of Representatives membership as Lyndon Johnson learned to do as Senate Majority Leader and President, gaining the passage of Medicare, Medicaid, and path breaking Civil Rights legislation!

While Obama is appealing to the American people through speeches and public town halls, he needs to use the political skills of these three great Presidents who knew how to get things done, and did not worry about opposition.

Mr. President, at this key moment in the fight for Health Care reform, take off the gloves and punch back, and use every tactic available to get “Reconciliation” done, and do not worry about the talk shows and the other critics!

This is a moment of greatness awaiting you! If you accomplish this great goal of Health Care reform, you will be in the pantheon long term with TR, FDR, and LBJ! So get to work!

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