Grace Groner And The True Purpose Of Wealth: Do Unto Others!

Grace Groner died at age 100 this past January 19, and had gained many friends during her century of life.

She lived frugally in a small one bedroom cottage in Lake Forest, Illinois, and enjoyed traveling in her retirement years and contributing a scholarship fund to her alma mater, Lake Forest College. She never married or had children, but always was gregarious and judged people by their character, rather than their material assets.

She was a secret millionaire from a stock investment in 1935, which kept on multiplying over 75 years, and she laid secret plans to give her assets upon death to her alma mater, so when she died, and it was revealed she had left $7 million to the college, it absolutely astounded people, including the college’s President.

This is a beautiful story, as Grace could have been selfish and materialistic, as so many wealthy people are, not caring about those less fortunate and only concerned about retaining their wealth, and looking down on those who were struggling through life, in a harsh, judgmental way.

Instead of leading a dissolute life, and making no contribution to mankind, she made the ultimate sacrifice. She lived as if she was not wealthy by good fortune, and decided to donate her fortune to college students, the future generation, and therefore to encourage education and occupational advancement.

For her wisdom and generosity and decency, Grace Groner should always be remembered as the unusual wealthy person: a truly decent human being! 🙂

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